VirtualBox kernel module messages

Beat Gaetzi beat at
Thu Oct 29 09:07:12 UTC 2009

Scott Bennett wrote:
>      For the first time so far, I managed to get emulators/virtualbox to
> compile and install from ports a few hours ago.  Following the pkg-messages,
> I attempted to "kldload vboxdrv" or whatever it was called, which resulted
> in an immediate crash and automatic system reboot. :-(

This is a known problem and documented on the wiki page:

>      However, I had already added
> vboxdrv_load="YES"
> vboxnetflt_load="YES"
> to /boot/loader.conf and so was expecting it to fail, but it didn't.  I even
> started up VirtualBox and looked at a couple of things, then looked around
> in it for a few minutes.  Aside from the fact that the help subsystem was
> MIA, I didn't notice anything untoward.
>      Except for the recurring console messages, which began during system
> startup and have continued ever since.  Here's what a few of them look
> like.
> Oct 28 17:00:00 hellas newsyslog[1939]: logfile turned over due to size>100K
> Oct 28 17:02:03 hellas kernel: VBoxDrvFreeBSDClone: pszName=pts ppDev=0xe84bea14
> Oct 28 17:02:36 hellas kernel: VBoxDrvFreeBSDClone: pszName=input ppDev=0xe84e2948
> Oct 28 17:02:36 hellas kernel: VBoxDrvFreeBSDClone: pszName=dsp ppDev=0xe84e2948

Do you have build VirtualBox with debug option?


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