breakthru, maybe....

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Oct 28 21:48:51 UTC 2009

	well, i just bought a used dell for my new DNS, mail, and web
	server.  they snickered when i asked if they would pre-install
	freebsd... so it's up  to me.  

	this dell was running losedows, vista, so i assume it has some
	kind of sound card.
	it has "256MN ATI X1300 PRo" video.  is this enough to power
	my new [year-old] 20.1" widescreen display?

	80GB drive, so it is only a server.  as well as a backup for
	critical audio and jpg files and stuff i don't want to lose.

	so: what is the URL to download the 8.0-PRE freebsd....?
	true, i haven't had to install freebsd by-hand from CDROMs for
	years, but if remory servs, more than one CD is required.
	i DO have blank DVD-RW discs ... if we've got a DVD distro

	thanks in advance, gents,


	PS:  the "breakthru" is that i'll be doing everything with my
	     one hand/arm.   

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