PJ af.gourmet at videotron.ca
Tue Oct 27 21:43:39 UTC 2009

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi wrote:
>> That is precisely why I keep an XP box nearby. There is no way in hell
>> that I would want to personally, or expect a colleague for that matter,
>> to waste valuable time getting a simple plug-in to work; especially
>> since I can do it in a matter of seconds on a Microsoft product.
> Strange.. it has been a long time since I used a windows box... our
> computers
> here at home and in the offices are all freebsd... and flash works like
> a charm
> in 64 and 32 bits using R7.2 and 8.0... it is faster than windows, no
> problem
> with the browser....
> We use gnome 2.26 and epiphany with the libxul backend libxine as
> multimedia,
> and pulseaudio as audio driver...
> we have several notebooks running R7.2 and some acer notebooks running
> Linux too
> all with gnome 2.26..  no problem at all  only 
> At home, sometimes I use a windows box (ancient XP)... for a game (IL2
> 1946)... 
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I wish someone could explain to me why I am no longer able to install 
flashplugin ... none of the methods work for me on amy version... I have 
literally tried them all..
the latest was linux-f10 - I cleaned out all the linux stuff, umounted 
the proc sytem cleaned out everything I could find related (?) to linux 
and reinstalled. No go, no way, José!
I did catch some kind of warning that flashed by on the screen about 
Glib - seems to be gstreamer related...??? and the only thing I can find 
is the error message that flashplugin.so (or whatever the file is) could 
not be loaded because shared file "libfreetype.so.6" could not be 
found... and the only libfreetype.so.6 file on the s;ystem is 
If the system is smart enought to not find the right file, it ought to 
be smart enought to know where this file should be and to what it is 
related... duh !

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