Why is sendmail is part of the system and not a package?

Gonzalo Nemmi gnemmi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 18:12:00 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 27 October 2009 5:16:30 am Jonathan McKeown wrote:
> On Monday 26 October 2009 21:29:27 Yuri wrote:
> > It's in /usr/sbin/sendmail.
> >
> > How many people actually use it? Very few.
> > Why isn't it moved to ports?
> What is this anti-sendmail obsession people have?

Hard to tell .. and, personaly I wouldn't so hastly conclude that this 
concerns "anti-sendmail obsession", are but it seems to be spreading as 
a disease ...

Linux distributions where the first to get it out of their default 
install in favor of Postfix, and the other BSDs .. well NetBSD uses 
Postfix, DragonflyBSD is working on moving to DMA and OpenBSD is 
working steadily and hard on OpenSMTPD ...

Maybe they can tell .. 
> Almost everyone I've ever spoken to about why they dislike sendmail
> trots out a bunch of cliches based on sendmail 8.8. People, we're up
> to sendmail 8.14 now. Get over it!
> Just as a matter of interest, if you want to rip sendmail out of the
> base system, which MTA would you like to replace it with? Or are you
> suggesting the system ship with no way to handle mail?

No .. I think he is just asking "Why isn't it moved to ports?" and 
replaced by another mailer ...

Best Regards
Gonzalo Nemmi

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