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--On Tuesday, October 27, 2009 04:13:52 -0500 Jerry <gesbbb at yahoo.com> wrote:
> That is precisely why I keep an XP box nearby. There is no way in hell
> that I would want to personally, or expect a colleague for that matter,
> to waste valuable time getting a simple plug-in to work; especially
> since I can do it in a matter of seconds on a Microsoft product.

The problem is, it's not a simple plugin.  It is on Windows.  On FreeBSD it 
requires manipulation precisely because *there is no plugin* for FreeBSD.  It's 
a Linux plugin being adapted to FreeBSD using linux emulation, which adds a 
layer of complexity that Windows doesn't have to deal with.

Imagine trying to get a Mac executable to run on Windows, and maybe you can 
understand why flash has always been problematic on FreeBSD (although great 
progress has been made.)

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