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On Mon, 26 Oct 2009 22:29, alexbestms@ wrote:
> Olivier Nicole schrieb am 2009-10-27:
>> Hi,
>>> i've added the following line to my /etc/hosts:
>>> so what i want is for freebsd to never use http, but https for that
>>> address.
>>> unfortunately hosts doesn't seem to support this syntax.
>> De3finitely not. man hosts to see the syntax and meaning of the
>> /etc/hosts file.
>>> any advice on how to do this?
>> I am not sure what you want to do. You want to install a web server
>> that only serves https? then you configure your web server to only
>> serve https, in Apache configuration you would only have a
>> <VirtualHost:>
>> and none with port 80.
>> Best regards,
>> Olivier
> sorry if i didn't specify my problem in detail.
> i'm not using a webserver or anything. i'm just a regular user. the point is:
> i often forget to specify https://... for that specific address in apps like
> lynx or firefox. that's why the non-ssl version of that site is being loaded.
> i'd like freebsd to take care of this so even if the app is trying to access
> the non-ssl version it should in fact be redirected to the ssl version by
> freebsd.
> cheers.
> alex
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Add some shell aliases to your shells rc's.

Bourne style shells:

alias your_name="lynx https://sub.domain.tld/"

Ill leave the c style shell syntax for you to figure out.

Now as long as you can remember your_name then you shouldn't have to much 
of a problem. ;)

Best regards,
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