howto use https in favour of http

Steve Bertrand steve at
Tue Oct 27 02:42:46 UTC 2009

Alexander Best wrote:
> Olivier Nicole schrieb am 2009-10-27:
>> Hi,
>>> i've added the following line to my /etc/hosts:
>>> so what i want is for freebsd to never use http, but https for that
>>> address.
>>> unfortunately hosts doesn't seem to support this syntax.
>> De3finitely not. man hosts to see the syntax and meaning of the
>> /etc/hosts file.
>>> any advice on how to do this?
>> I am not sure what you want to do. You want to install a web server
>> that only serves https? then you configure your web server to only
>> serve https, in Apache configuration you would only have a
>> <VirtualHost:>
>> and none with port 80.
>> Best regards,
>> Olivier
> sorry if i didn't specify my problem in detail.
> i'm not using a webserver or anything. i'm just a regular user. the point is:
> i often forget to specify https://... for that specific address in apps like
> lynx or firefox. that's why the non-ssl version of that site is being loaded.
> i'd like freebsd to take care of this so even if the app is trying to access
> the non-ssl version it should in fact be redirected to the ssl version by
> freebsd.

I thought that this is what you were originally after.

FreeBSD, in itself, can't do this... much like Mac OS or Windows can't
do this.

Most applications such as Firefox can't even do this (inherently).

If you are trying to enforce this as a personal/company policy, you will
need to write a 'wrapper' around your application (lynx/firefox) to do this.

Note that your example was :25->:443, which implied SMTP over SSL...

Nonetheless, FreeBSD can't make these decisions inherently (thankfully).


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