WD External Disc Drive

Bernt Hansson bernt at bah.homeip.net
Mon Oct 26 03:03:22 UTC 2009

Rob Hurle said the following on 2009-10-26 02:33:

> freebsd [12:12] /usr/ports#ll /dev/da0s1
> crw-r-----  1 root  operator    0, 122 26 Oct 09:02 /dev/da0s1
> freebsd [12:12] /usr/ports#ntfs-3g -o rw /dev/da0s1 /mnt
> fuse: failed to open fuse device: No such file or directory

kldload fusefs
What does ls -la /dev/da* show you.

> So the device is there, but ntfs-3g fails to see it.

Probably kldload fusefs isn't loaded (until Saturday)

>  Obviously
> mount_ntfs sees it OK, from my previous experiments.  ntfs-3g.probe
> exits with no errors, so it appears that it can see it OK:
> freebsd [12:32] ~#ntfs-3g.probe --readwrite /dev/da0s1
> freebsd [12:32] ~#
> Is there something else that I need to install?
>> If you are not going to use the disc to transfer data between Windows
>> and FreeBSD, I would advise you to repartition the disk and create an
>> NTFS partition for your windows data and a FreeBSD partition in UFS
> Unfortunately, this is not the case.  I need to transfer between
> FreeBSD and Windows, both ways :-(  Thanks again.
> Rob Hurle

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