looking for /usr/ports/x11-driver, not /usr/ports/x11-drivers

Kenneth Freidank kennethcf at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 26 02:41:31 UTC 2009

Sorry, the correct directory is 
#cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver

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>Subject: looking for /usr/ports/x11-driver, not /usr/ports/x11-drivers
>I'm trying to X (re)configure a CQ60, which is not so trivial to do...
>Kenneth CF once wrote:
>> 2) Install the nvidia-driver.
>> # cd /usr/ports/x11-driver/nvidia-driver
>> # make install clean  (I built with options FREEBSD_AGP checked, ACPI
>checked, LINUX unchecked).
>And this was not a typo.

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