most bizarre problem

Tim Judd tajudd at
Sun Oct 25 17:28:02 UTC 2009

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Look at "the following recommended sequence":
  1. make buildworld
  2. make buildkernel
  3. make installkernel
  4. reboot in single user [*]
  5. mergemaster -p
  6. make installworld
  7. mergemaster
  8. reboot

Your steps skip steps 4 and 5.

Note that it's been said many times, especially with remote hosting.
4 can be modified to read something like:
  4. Boot with only required programs to run steps 5 and 6.  In most
cases, it's just sshd that needs to be running.  This means editing
/etc/rc.conf and disabling everything except sshd and the IP

The purpose of 4 is to stop other people, binaries, or daemons running
and using files that need to be updated.

Redirecting or piping in steps 1, 2, 3 and 6 are optional.  I'd love
to have a logfile myself most of these things.  Either script(1) or
tee(1) it.

Please update your script per directions.  and I would definitely cut
the 4 && commands away from each other.  they're not related and
didn't seem to do the purpose you probably intended it to do.


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