Freebsd 8rc1 & Puc driver

P. Moulin spamarchive at
Sat Oct 24 20:24:37 UTC 2009

Hi all

I have a multi-serial card with an Oxford OX16PCI954 on it.
Whatever I do, the oxford chip is not recognized.

in dmesg:
pci0: <simple comms, UART> at device 12.0 (no driver attached)

and in pciconf -lv :
none1 at pci0:0:12:0:      class=0x070006 card=0x00000000 chip=0x950c1415
     vendor     = 'Oxford Semiconductor Ltd'
     class      = simple comms
     subclass   = UART
none2 at pci0:0:12:1:      class=0x068000 card=0x00000000 chip=0x95101415 
     vendor     = 'Oxford Semiconductor Ltd'
     device     = 'PCI Interface (disabled) (OX16PCI954)'
     class      = bridge

Can somebody tell me why the second PCI interface is flagged
"disabled" ? How can I solve this ?

(I have loaded puc from loader.conf, without more success).

T.I.A.  PM.

PS: (un)works the same way with freebsd 7.2 & 8.0rc1....

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