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> Kelly Martin wrote:
>> Greetings, here's a simple question for the FreeBSD gurus out there. I
>> have several servers running cron scripts daily for me, and they all
>> send me e-mail with their output. Regardless of which server it is,
>> each of these e-mails have the From: address looking exactly the same.
>> They all say they are from the "Cron Daemon". Fine, but I'd like to
>> know more clearly which server the cron output is from.
>> How can I change the From: address of these emails to "Myserver Cron
>> Daemon" instead? I know cron runs as the user, so it's not immediately
>> obvious to me how to change the From: field. Already the subject line
>> says something like "Cron <root at Myserver> ..." but this doesn't stand
>> out enough for my tired eyes.
> Hmmm... that's actually quite tricky.  There's no facility within
> cron(8) for changing the address it sends /from/, and as the bit you
> want to change is technically a comment on the From: line, and not
> the actual sender address (the bit in the <angle brackets>) all the
> address rewriting-fu in sendmail won't really help.  Besides, root at ...
> is listed as a member of the 'Exposed User' class: that is, addresses
> that should be exempt from address rewriting, so you'ld also have to
> modify that.
> Do you control the mail server where you read your e-mail?  Can you use
> eg. procmail(1) as a delivery agent?  You should be able to match e-mails
> from Cron and rewrite headers, or deliver cron e-mails into per-machine
> mailboxes.  Something like this:
>    :0 h
>    * From:.*Cron <root@\/[^\.]+
>      $MATCH
> The other alternative is to re-write the cron scripts to send e-mail
> themselves, rather than relying on cron(8) to capture their stdout/stderr
> and e-mail it for you.  Here's a handy shell programming trick that can
> make that easier.  Somewhere near the top of the script, you can add
> something like this:
>    exec 2>&1 | /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t
>    echo "From: Sender Name <sender at add.ress>
>    echo "To: <recipient at some.where>
>    echo "Subject: e-mail from cron job"
>    echo ""
> Then everything you print out in the script will be captured as the body
> of the e-mail and sent to the specified recipient.  You might get some
> warnings about forgery in the mail headers if the userid the script runs
> as is not the same as the 'From:' address.

Why not just echo `hostname` as the first line of every script?  Isn't that 
what he really wants to know?

Or echo "This script came from `hostname`"?

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