changing cron's From: address in emails

Peter fbsdq at
Sat Oct 24 11:08:45 UTC 2009

  Would this do it?

server:$grep -Ri "Cron Daemon" *
cron/do_command.c:                              fprintf(mail, "From: %s
(Cron Daemon)\n", usernm);

Recompile cron?


Greetings, here's a simple question for the FreeBSD gurus out there. I
have several servers running cron scripts daily for me, and they all
send me e-mail with their output. Regardless of which server it is,
each of these e-mails have the From: address looking exactly the same.
They all say they are from the "Cron Daemon". Fine, but I'd like to
know more clearly which server the cron output is from.

How can I change the From: address of these emails to "Myserver Cron
Daemon" instead? I know cron runs as the user, so it's not immediately
obvious to me how to change the From: field. Already the subject line
says something like "Cron <root at Myserver> ..." but this doesn't stand
out enough for my tired eyes.


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