freebsd forgets root password

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Sat Oct 24 02:34:19 UTC 2009

> not really...  i checked.  many times. even for num loc. which doesn't 
> matter...
>> amnesiac is the name freebsd uses when no hostname is set.
> in this Amnesiac is the release name i think...
>> man msk
> many times....  msk should at least show in the dmesg somewhere....
>>     now... the wireless card i put in. ralink technology. in the
>>     office here there is a simple wifi router that is "protected" with
>>     WPA password. if i get rid of the password and just use ifconfig
>>     to get to the router everything works ok but putting the wpa on
>>     again and using the supplicant things suck. ifconfig says the card
>>     is associated. and it gets an ip but that's pretty much all that
>>     happens. pings to a neighboring machine produce huge dropouts.
>>     with  85% packet loss. another awesomeness...  and those are pings
>>     to ips. dns is pretty much nowhere to be found. sysisntall has
>>     <unknown network interface type> for ral0...
>> This has always worked well for me:
> that's where i got the wpa configuration from. also from man 
> wpa_supplicant and wpa_supplicant.conf.
> my conf looks like:
> network={
>             ssid="home"
>             scan_ssid=1
>             key_mgmt=WPA-PSK
>             psk="very secret passphrase"
>     }
> wpa_supplicant with -ddd show more and more of the same with nothing 
> that helps me identify anything as a problem. just loops through the 
> same sequence of information which doesn't mean much to me.
on this one:
wpa_supplicant -K -i ral0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

i just get:
Trying to associate with MA:CA:DD:RE:SS (ssid="home" freq=2432 mhz)
Associated with MA:CA:DD:RE:SS
CTRL-EVENT-DESCONNECTED - Disconnect event - remove keys
and again and again and again...  i'm typing this....

i get the idea. disconnected. why?

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