DNS Question

Len Conrad lconrad at Go2France.com
Fri Oct 23 15:20:59 UTC 2009

>All true, and I did not do a very good job of explaining it. My issue 
>was that we have requests to use a CNAME for the domain record. Such as 
>example.com  CNAME  otherdomain.com
>www.example.com  CNAME   otherdomain.com
>I was taught this was not good form

worse, it's illegal.

, but allowed. I can deal with it. 
>But what of having a SOA record for example.com, no A or CNAME record 
>for the TLD example.com, only hosts such as www, ns1, ftp, etc.
>I tried it an it seems to work fine, but doesn't look proper to me. Then 
>again I remember when CNAME were considered evil.

CNAMEs are still evil, unless 
1) no other solution exists and 
2) the user knows how to use CNAMEs (rare).


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