ad0 mountable after sysinstall, but invalid from boot mgr / mbr (7.2-R)

Steve Franks bahamasfranks at
Thu Oct 22 22:48:02 UTC 2009

Just did an install on a disk.  Never seen this before, but I made my
own partitions instead of 'a' for automatic, and they came up as
ad0s1c-g, instead of ad0s1a-e.

Sysinstall (7.2 release) seemed to progress & complete just fine.

When I try to boot the disk, I get "invalid partition", then "boot:
0:(ad,0)/boot/kernel/kernel", etc...I've tried every permutation I can
think of on adXs1Y/boot/kernel/kernel at this prompt - it's wedged

So, I jump back to the liveFS disk, thinking sysinstall zorked the
disk, but I can mount the disk (ad0s1d) just fine, and see the
contents of /mnt/boot/kernel and see /mnt/boot/loader* (never seen a
file with a * in the name, but the one on <livefs>/boot has a * after
loader too).


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