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Lance Miller lmiller at
Thu Oct 22 14:14:05 UTC 2009

Hi Marketing Team,

We recently launched an ad-supported information security portal – similar
to Spiceworks, but focused on IT/security professionals.  If you’re
interested, we are inviting some folks to put a banner ad on our site free
for Q4.  It’s really a Ad Partner program to test our ad servers and other
features, also, to have some relevant ads on our site during Q4.

At a minimum, you can get your name in front of security influencers, as
well as a small but highly focused and (hopefully) growing group of security
professionals.  Among the audiences we are targeting are IT/security pros in
the following industry sectors: financial services (including banking and
insurance), education, government, healthcare, energy and utilities,
manufacturing and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

The site, which is really a combination of an online community, infosec
portal and a social network all-in-one, is called Infosec Island.  You can
check it out in its version 1.0 at  Over the course
of the next 60 days, many new features and lots of new content will be
added.  It’s designed especially for IT and network professionals who manage
security, risk, and compliance issues.  Infosec Island members and visitors
save time, reduce their costs of guarding against security threats and make
their security efforts more effective and efficient.

The free placement offer goes through Dec. 31 and between now and then we’ll
be introducing the site to analysts, bloggers and press.  Then, if you want
to stay onboard for Q1 2010, you’ll have a choice of staying on as an Ad
Partner and paying a flat monthly fee, or buying a la carte off the rate
card (fee based on number of impressions).  We will be tracking numbers at
that point and will begin to providing ad campaign reports.

Is this something you might be interested in learning more about?  If so,
just let me know and I’ll be happy to forward you more details.

Thank you for your consideration, and please pass this on to the right
person at your company (or agency) if needed.

Best regards,


Lance Miller
WireHead Security
Infosec Island
919.863.4373 office
919.360.2781 cell
919.882.8044 fax

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