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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Wed Oct 21 21:17:28 UTC 2009

On Wed, 21 Oct 2009 19:10:53 +0000 (GMT), Steven Seipel <sseipel133 at yahoo.es> wrote:
> I had the same problem. An arrogant person at the freebsd
> forum said I had a lack of resolving, but I didn't know
> what he was talking about.

That's not a good way to promote FreeBSD, but be sure that
this list is full of friendly people willing to help you,
as long as you are able to
	- specify your problem as precise as possible
	- give commands you tried
	- give error messages that can help identifying
	  the problem.

> Someone said to edit /etc/rc.conf but that didn't help
> because it was a read only file.

Obviously, you've tried to edit /etc/rc.conf without
being root. This file is writable to root only because
it contains the system's configuration, so it's quite
important and doesn't allow anybody to alter it.

> I reinstalled freebsd all over again and that time it
> worked.

What did you do differently this time?

> You may need to try that. However I haven't yet been
> able to get it running, and I have the popuplar problem
> of mouse and keyboard not working with xorg. It's pretty
> discouraging.

Yes, I really know that... :-)

For Gnome, have a look at the handbook's section:


You'll find many informations here.

And for X, refer to


where the problems of "modern" X are discussed. Keep in
mind that you have to answer an important qustion first:
"Do I need HAL and DBUS?" This might be the situation
when you want to run Gnome with automount features.

> So all I can suggest is installing the operating system again.

Sorry, that's completely stupid. FreeBSD isn't "Windows",
you do not need to have to install the OS over and over
again, just because you encounter trouble installing,
running or configuring additional software (which Gnome
is); remember that FreeBSD is not a Linux distribution,
it maintains its own "base operating system", and as far
as I see, there's no problem with it on your system.

Please, don't make things more complicated than they
are, and don't waste your time with such nonsense. :-)

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