Error when changin from -ro to rw on /etc/exports, FREEBSD STABLE 7.2

illoai at illoai at
Wed Oct 21 03:14:32 UTC 2009

2009/10/20 Jeronimo Calvo <jeronimocalvop at>:
> I'm wondering if that /etc/exports format will work:
> /DATA1
> /DATA2
> or needs to be like this?
>> [root@ /DATA1]# cat /etc/exports
>> /DATA1  -rw
>> /DATA2  -rw

Try it without the "-rw" at all, as according to man 5 exports
read/write is the default, and no read/write flag is given.

I believe you will have to specify permissions (via the -maproot
or -mapall options) or make the exported filesystems writable
by "nobody" (uid 65534) to actually use the write functionality.

Good luck.


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