Mouse and keyboard don't work in Xorg 7.4

Polytropon freebsd at
Tue Oct 20 04:05:11 UTC 2009

Allthough X is not an urgent topic to me at the moment
(because I'm still running "old" X without all the HAL
and DBUS magic), I always interestedly read such threads
in order to keep up to date. On my testing system I just
had the same problem. XFCE 4 started, but mouse didn't
move, no keyboard input. And starting X (startx command)
lasts 20 seconds, that's annoying. :-(

On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 04:13:24 +0200, herbert langhans <herbert.raimund at> wrote:
> If you dont need it for another reason, you can compile
> xorg-server without hal (#make config).

The packages of seem to require DBUS and HAL. I am
currently running a testing environment with 8.0-RC1 and
everything from packages (1,7 GHz AMD with 512 MB RAM, so
no compiling joy). 

> Mouse and keyboard works without it too.

I just re-read the chapters on X in the handbook. Setting
a specific keyboard language (german in my case) now involves
messing with XML in the HAL configuration.

I'm just keen to know where I now have to set my mouse in
order to work properly. It's a three-button mouse from Sun.

In the past, all X settings (resolution, mouse, keyboard,
fonts etc.) could be controlled via one centralized file.
Sadly, this seems to be scattered among many subsystems

Another question, especially when running without a xorg.conf
file: Where is the functionality of Option "DontZap" "false"
represented? Or is it possible to run X with a partial
xorg.conf file?

> This solved all such problems on my laptop.

I hope it will solve them for me, too, when I revive my
laptop. Seems that I have to do much compiling, bit I will
do that on a different machine (laptop is AMD 500 MHt with
256 MB RAM).

Magdeburg, Germany
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