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On Mon, 19 Oct 2009 15:59:43 +0200, "Johan Hendriks" <Johan at> wrote:
> Switching between machines is not what labels are for.(enlighten me if
> it is)

It CAN. If /etc/fstab content matches the labels of the
partitions, it matches them regardless of the disk they
are on (da[0123...] or ad[0123...]), so the disk can be
placed on any controller in any computer.

> As far as understand, it makes switching the drive in the same machine
> easier.

It does, which is obvious according to the explaination
given before. But it is not restricted to one machine.

> It does not matter if labels are used, that the device is seen as
> /dev/ad0 or /dev/ad{x}.
> This makes adding and replacing disk much easier.

Furthermore, it gives you the chance do change the name
for a device to something "human readable", e. g. the
descriptive name "usrfs" for "ad0s1e". In different
settngs, functional file system entry points may refer
to different device nodes, depending on the current disk

> Sometimes the disk numbers change when removing raid controllers or
> other hardware.

That's true.

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