Error when changin from -ro to rw on /etc/exports, FREEBSD STABLE 7.2

Jeronimo Calvo jeronimocalvop at
Mon Oct 19 22:33:59 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

Today I decide to change the settings from my server, allowing RW
access to 2 currently mapped NFS partions on my Freebsd box.
The used to be RO only.

What i notice is when I change it as follows:

[root@ /DATA1]# cat /etc/exports
/DATA1	-rw
/DATA2	-rw

I am not able to map them anymore from my opensolaris client.
When changing back to RO, it maps correctly.

All permissions are set un as 755 -R on /DATA1 and /DATA2

When on RO, it maps when requested via AutoFS perfectly:

/net/ on
remote/read/write/nosetuid/nodevices/xattr/dev=4ec0007 on Mon Oct 19
23:09:45 2009
/net/ on
remote/read/write/nosetuid/nodevices/xattr/dev=4ec0008 on Mon Oct 19
23:09:46 2009

Any ideas? im sure im mistaking somewhere... :S

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