glabel clarification

PJ af.gourmet at
Mon Oct 19 22:30:45 UTC 2009

Adam Vande More wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 12:12 PM, PJ <af.gourmet at> wrote:
>> # Device        Mountpoint    FStype    Options        Dump    Pass#
>> /dev/label/swap        none        swap    sw        0    0
>> /dev/label/rootfs    /        ufs    rw        1    1
>> /dev/label/backups    /backups    ufs    rw        2    2
>> /dev/label/home        /home        ufs    rw        2    2
>> /dev/label/tmp        /tmp        ufs    rw        2    2
>> /dev/label/usr        /usr        ufs    rw        2    2
>> /dev/label/var        /var        ufs    rw        2    2
>> /dev/acd0        /cdrom        cd9660    ro,noauto    0    0
>> linproc  /usr/compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw 0 0
>> this is ad12; ad6 is the same - I guess I hae to get rid of those labels
>> in ad6 but am not sure if I need to use glabel to remove them or if just
>> editing fstab will do it?
> You need to use gmirror.  If you get it to clone a disk following these
> instructions
> the disk will boot up on the new machine no problem provided hardware
> compatibility.  Get rid of any label/fstab work you've done so far and
> follow that page.
I am trying to digest the procedure.
Forgive me if I am a little slow, but I want to be sure to do it right.
1. this procedure requres that both diisks be identical... ?? This is
not always possible... I'm not sure I have that possibility at the
moment and I don't want to empty other disks from other machines.
2. I am trying to under stand if the procedure is to be done from the
active disk, say ad4 and the idea is to copy ad4 to say ad6? Or should I
be running on a third disk, say ad12 and be copying ad4 to ad6?

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