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>> I am probably doing this all wrong. I have an OpenLDAP server set
>> up that works correctly. I wanted to be able to access it via
>> "LDAP://" from my laptop when traveling. Unfortunately, that is not
>> working. When
>An LDAP server is not something that you access through a web browser.
>The naming of the form ldap:// does not mean you can access it with
>Firefox or IE, or other web browser.
>Now you may consider installing something like phpldapadmin that lets
>you administer an LDAP server through a web interface.

I have email clients on my laptops that can access the LDAP server when
connected via my LAN. When traveling that is not readily possible (is
it)? Therefore, how can I accomplish this or is it not possible?

Remember, I am not attempting to administer the LDAP server, but rather
access its stored data.

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