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Am Samstag, den 17.10.2009, 18:49 -0600 schrieb Tim Judd:
> On 10/17/09, Jerry McAllister <jerrymc at> wrote:
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> > You do not need to. dump alrady writes that when it finishes each time.
> > If you to that, you will get a second one at that location.
> >
> > You do not need to do the rewind and mt fsf between each dump.  I just
> > do it to make it very clear to myself in my scripts what I am expecting
> > and that I am doing it right.
> >
> > ////jerry
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> If dump is the tool for tapes, and tar is named after tape archives...

Please, no flamewar!!!

> Do both of these utilities write the *proper* EOF to whatever medium
> it's writing to?

They both write EOF.

> I bring this up, because dump can also write to a file on a formatted
> FS.  Does the file end with this same EOF?  What does tar do?

There is only one EOF: The EOF.

> Why have a mt weof function if it's useless?  I'm loosing the logic in
> this one, trying to make sure things work as they should.  I admit
> tapes on bsd are so foreign to me, I might as well be speaking
> $another-language.

weof is not useless. There are some file operations without writing an
EOF, like streams or something like that, but tar and dump are writing
with an EOF at the end of files :-)

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