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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Sat Oct 17 22:20:43 UTC 2009

On Sat, 17 Oct 2009 17:10:42 -0400, PJ <af.gourmet at videotron.ca> wrote:
> Here are the outputs:
> fstab:
> # Device        Mountpoint    FStype    Options        Dump    Pass#
> /dev/ad12s1b        none        swap    sw        0    0
> /dev/ad12s1a        /        ufs    rw        1    1
> /dev/ad12s1h        /backups    ufs    rw        2    2
> /dev/ad12s1g        /home        ufs    rw        2    2
> /dev/ad12s1d        /tmp        ufs    rw        2    2
> /dev/ad12s1f        /usr        ufs    rw        2    2
> /dev/ad12s1e        /var        ufs    rw        2    2
> /dev/acd0        /cdrom        cd9660    ro,noauto    0    0
> linproc  /usr/compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw 0 0

Let me clean it up to the basics:

	/dev/ad12s1a  /         ufs   rw  1  1  <- rootfs
	/dev/ad12s1b  none      swap  sw  0  0
	/dev/ad12s1d  /tmp      ufs   rw  2  2  <- tmpfs
	/dev/ad12s1e  /var      ufs   rw  2  2  <- varfs
	/dev/ad12s1f  /usr      ufs   rw  2  2  <- usrfs
	/dev/ad12s1g  /home     ufs   rw  2  2  <- homefs
	/dev/ad12s1h  /backups  ufs   rw  2  2  <- backupfs

Alphabetical order is so much nicer to the eyes. :-)

The names after "<-" show arbitrary labels to be given to the
partitions; in fact, you're free to name them "Bob", "Timmy"
or something else fitting your individual naming scheme. It
should be recognizable, so forget about my silly suggestions. :-)

> Now I will try the glabel again...
> # shutdown now
> # glabel label rootfs /dev/ad12s1a
> glabel: Can't store metadata on /dev/ad0s1a

As it has been suggested, try this in SUM which you enter
from system startup, not by partial shutdown. According to
this command, you forgot to unmount disks anyway.

> manual: "it is assumed that a single ATA disk is used, which is
> currently recognized by the system as ad0. It is also assumed that the
> standard FreeBSD partition scheme is used, with /, /var, /usr and /tmp
> file systems, as well as a swap partition."
> Now, does that mean that glabel does not work if there are several disks
> on the system... it certainly does not say so nor does it adv ertise
> that this would not work if there are several ATA disks present..

I simply cannot imagine this, because you give the device name
as a parametron to the glabel program. Maybe it's just mentioned
because in most settings, ad0 is the boot disk, and FreeBSD is
installed on this disk. The manuals cannot take things like
massive multibooting into mind. Where would this end?! :-)

> Previously I had also tried a reboot press 4 with exactly the same
> results....

Really? Now THAT'S strange...

> So, what am I doing wrong... or where is the system screwed up... from
> my point of view, everything seems to work ok including Firefox,
> flashplugin, Openoffice, gimp, netbeans, etc. etc. etc. even conky... :-)

When you've entered SUM by running

	boot -s

at the loader prompt - I'm not familiar with the number thingy
boot menu - you could try first running fsck -f on the partition
in question, just to be sure everything is okay, and then run the
glabel command. For this time, don't try to begin with the root
file system; try /tmp, it's "uncritical", and it's different from
/ which is mounted (hopefully ro), so all the requirements from
the manual should be met.

> Perhaps this is just a frustrating mental exercise as the system works
> without glabeling partitions... it just would save some work if it could
> be implemented... then, if I were to look at it as a businessman... why
> am I wasting so much time, energy and mental suffering when just
> changing a few files will do the same thing and take less effort...
> ohhhhh! what price intellectual curiosity..... ;-)

Priceless. :-)

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