I hate to bitch but bitch I must

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Sat Oct 17 02:00:17 UTC 2009

Neal Hogan wrote:
>>>> Aha! Gotcha! Whoever wrote that has made an unintentionnal booboo. It is
>>>> a subtle difference and is indicative that whoever wrote it is not a
>>>> native english user... the meaning is clearly "should be executed, done,
>>>> carried out, performed" - should work means it  can be carried out  - I
>>>> think the author meant to say "should not be done"
>>> I'm a native English speaker, and the manual makes perfect sense to me.
>>> It's very clear to me that since the statement is in the BUGS section,
>>> it means that the utility should, but doesn't. Since it follows a
>>> statement that the utility doesn't, the meaning is unambiguous.
>> fwiw, upon first reading, I got the exact same impression about the
>> writing under its context as Bob did.
> Am I the only one annoyed by the monthly PJ soap-operas. It seems that
> we get a ridiculous installment from this guy who bites off more than
> he can chew and then complains that it's too big every full (or is it
> fool) moon (28 day cycle . . . sorry obvious,stupid joke).

Hadn't really paid attention.

> The patience he gets from folks on this list should be commended, but
> questioned. In what sense is the community benefited from the dramatic
> "life-story" of an ungrateful novice? This guy puts forth his
> problem(s) only to update the list at every small/backward step and
> then ultimately offer something offensive such that the devs can't
> speak English.

The benefit(s)? If there are other long-term members who agree with what
you are getting at, then I'd say that the benefits are that it shows to
newcomers that no matter what, you'll always receive a respectable and
educated response.

It also shows that it doesn't matter what the poster's name is, or what
language they speak in, that those who love FreeBSD for what it is will
always bleed their souls to help them out, at any cost. What is learned
from hard work is better passed on to someone else.

Mia casa e tua casa, as my best friend's father always says. (my house
is your house).


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