"All in one" printer?

Chris Rees utisoft at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 16 16:04:11 UTC 2009

2009/10/16 Samuel Martín Moro <faust64 at gmail.com>:
> HP printers are quite good indeed, and they've got cheap stuff.
> They provide softs & drivers for linux/unix users.
> Setup is easy.
> "What else?"
> Samuel Martín Moro
> CamTrace
> {EPITECH.} tek4

Please don't top post, it makes the conversation difficult to follow.

What about Epson printers? They're usually fine with Gutenprint &
CUPS, and my CX3650's scanner works fine. This is a change in 7.2 (I
think) when suddenly they both started being detected, rather than
only one (scanner or printer) being allowed to work at a time.


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