A new FreeBSD Project

Ashley Diamond ajd36 at kent.ac.uk
Fri Oct 16 15:01:29 UTC 2009

Hello the FreeBSD team,

I am attempting to start a new project/private business of which I am  
wiling to give a share in return for skills (mainly as I currently  
have nothing else to offer).

At the core of the project will be a new FreeBSD distribution,  
therefore I need FreeBSD developers,kernel hackers, or anyone who can  
rip apart the OS and put it back together with part missing, and who  
are based in the UK.
I believe this will be an exciting project, that at-least for the  
foreseeable future would be part time; in return for a proportion of  
the business.

I would be extremely grateful if you could forward this to anyone who  
you think would benefit from this email, or anyone's contact details  
who you think could help my cause.

Thank you,

Ashley Diamond

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