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If I were you I  use Plone CMS on FreeBSD. Its one among 
the  good  CMSs available and  doesn't require to  configure a 
DataBase  separately. Zope server has its DB  named as ZODB, you can
use with any  database  with APIs  and Security shows pretty good

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> Subject: Re: CMS
> > I manage a couple of FreeBSD servers for a friend.  He's gotten all 
> > excited about content management and thinks that's the way to go. 
> > The system he's familiar with is Windows only.  I've done a little 
> > research, but I'm wondering if anyone reading the list has 
> > experience with a CMS on FreeBSD - one that's in ports preferably.
> Due using Postgres, I've had experience on both Drupal and 
> Serendipity, both installed mostly from ports and seem to be updated 
> pretty regularly - although Serendipity can "self repair" - i.e. load 
> updates for plugins and itself automatically. Both have functioned 
> well enough, although with Drupal if you need more exotic array of 
> plugins, they have to be installed manually as ports seem to miss 
> several.
> In addition, some of the Drupal plugins need a bit of tweaking 
> (getting rid of mysqlisms) if used under Postgres, although the main 
> application works good enough.
> -Reko 
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