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Thu Oct 15 23:30:02 UTC 2009

On Thu, 15 Oct 2009 19:08:12 -0400, PJ <af.gourmet at> wrote:
> Gag is really about the simplest you can find... it is installed on the
> main drive that is selected by bios and it works from there. I have
> found it to be quite safe and reliable. Only difficulty is sometimes to
> figure ;out what dist it is booting from but that can be worked out be
> trial and error. I've tried the rest, this is the best KISS.

The last time I did dual boot is long ago; I used FreeBSD's
boot manager for this, it worked well, so there was no need
for something else to try. :-)

> the boot... it could be seen in the onscreen mesages... and then the
> boot oviously failed...

Seems that the first boot stage finds ad12 BEFORE ad4, which
is quite strange... or is the setting hardcoded somewhere in
the boot loader?

> I noticed that but have not yet had the opportunity to look into it.

That would be a good point to start diagnostics. The most
obvious is often such a point...

> The fstab did cure the problem and showed some of the pitfalls one can
> encounter. After fixing the fstab, the boot did not complete because the
> fstab from the source disk had anextra partition (/backups) which were
> not present in the original ad4 disk. But that was easiily fixed by
> simply removing the fstab entry for that  /backups partition. Now it
> works fine.

Excellent! And you have learned something new. :-)

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