Multiple qt4 issues

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Oct 15 04:21:35 UTC 2009

Warren Liddell wrote:
>> Do a:
>> %pkg_version -v > ~/pv.out
>> ...and then review the ~/pv.out file *manually* to see if you can
>> identify any oddities. (yes, grep is good and grep is great, but I've
>> missed obvious things by grep'ing the pkg db in the past).
>> I'm personally not one to help with GUI things, but hopefully my
>> suggestion may provide a lead.
>> Steve
> I solved that issue, after reading info in UPDATING .. however the issue
> now is qt4-designer

... after a quick literal Google search, it appears that qt4-designer is
a 'Linux' thing with a GUI resemblance.

I don't know what to do other than offer: ( "TrollTech"? )

With a q&d search, it appears as though others have had issues with
qt4-designer as well, trying to run it within a GUI atop of FreeBSD

...again, I don't do GUI w/FBSD, so this is far out of my scope. This is
a ^bump if anything.

Good luck!


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