restore(8)ing new / -- boots on metal but not in a VM

Alex Jurkiewicz alex at
Thu Oct 15 02:09:43 UTC 2009

2009/10/14 Tim Judd <tajudd at>:
> My suggestion is to check the VM config and see if you can emulate an
> IDE ad(4) device instead of the possible SCSI da(4) device that
> vmware/virtualbox may setup.  I'm almost positive (not 100% because I
> don't have either one of those installed at the moment) that both
> those products default to a SCSI device.

Both are capable of emulating IDE, and both can offer something that
FreeBSD uses the da driver for (SATA for Vbox, SCSI for Vmware). I've
tested with both ad and da drives on both solutions.

Creating a dump image fresh in a VM gives me a file I can restore from
and boot successfully in VMs. I haven't tested physical machines yet
-- if I can boot physical machines off this new dump file my problems
are solved. If not...

At this point it seems simplest to produce a few different versions of
my dump image. Chances there's just something different in the first
few sectors of the disk, but having a single dump image and multiple
first sectors for the image seems more complex overall.

Thanks for the help,

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