Multiple qt4 issues

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Oct 15 01:46:28 UTC 2009

Warren Liddell wrote:
> im running AMD64 FreeBSD7.2-STABLE latest src//kernel and ports so far
> as what depends on various QT4 pkgs ...
> Everything comes down to this 1 port but yet i removed all of them an it
> still cracks .. what am i missing or havent read...

What exactly are you doing that reproduces your breakage?

Forcing the registration of the package may help, but in this case I'd
be leery of doing that due to the explicit 'conflict' warning.

> ===>    Verifying install for qt4-phonon>=4.5.2 in
> /usr/ports/multimedia/qt4-phonon
> ===>  qt4-phonon-4.5.2 conflicts with KDE4 phonon. Please, deinstall
> multimedia/phonon.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/multimedia/qt4-phonon.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/www/qt4-webkit.
> enterprise# ls /var/db/pkg | grep phon

Do a:

%pkg_version -v > ~/pv.out

...and then review the ~/pv.out file *manually* to see if you can
identify any oddities. (yes, grep is good and grep is great, but I've
missed obvious things by grep'ing the pkg db in the past).

I'm personally not one to help with GUI things, but hopefully my
suggestion may provide a lead.


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