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>I'm in need of a new graphics card for a new computer, that I hope will
>run FreeBSD (with a strong preference for AMD64) and compiz-fusion on a
>dual-monitor, which I believe means the 3D acceleration has to be in
>good working order. I don't really care whether the graphics driver is
>binary, or freely-licensed.
>Has anyone bought a recent graphics card that they know to be working
>in x64 with 3D acceleration?
>I've heard Nvidea support is probably better than ATI. Some of the GPU
>choices I see are like GeForce 9400/9500/9600 GT, GSO, and/or GTX+
>series or the GTS/GTX 2** series. Are some of those better-supported
>than others?
>I didn't see anything recent on this list or the website, and there
>wasn't much response on IRC. Recommendations would be appreciated.

nVidia (AMD64) is not supported in 7.x versions of FreeBSD as far as I
know. There was some talk of it being supported in 8.x, but I have
not heard from anyone actually doing so. All my machines use nvidea
cards, and the lack of support for it in FBSD, even after an extended
period of time, is a real PIA.

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