Broadcom bce interface problems

Brian McCann bjmccann at
Wed Oct 14 15:49:13 UTC 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 8:18 AM, H.Fazaeli <fazaeli at> wrote:
> what type of blade switch you are using?
> Are you using HS21 onboard ports or an expansion card?
> Make sure the corresponding internal ports of
> the blade switch are at 'no shutdown' state.
> Brian McCann wrote:
>> I'm having problems with the bce interface on a FreeBSD 7.2 install, using
>> an IBM BladeCenter HS21 machine.  The machine uses the NetXtreme II card.
>>  The really strange thing here is, the switch shows a link, but the card
>> shows no carrier in the setup.  It started working for a few seconds at
>> one
>> point when I reset the switch (at least, I think that's what I did), and
>> it
>> detected 1000BaseSX as the media and showed a status of active, but
>> promptly
>> went away.  If I try setting the media type manually, that doesn't appear
>> to
>> work.
>> Has anyone seen this or have any ideas?
>> Thanks!
>> --Brian
> --
> Best regards.
> Hooman Fazaeli

Yes, I'm using an HS21 onbaord card...the Broadcom.  The internal
ports show a link (using the Nortel's got a the Nortel
L3-7 switch in it).

I found last looks like that change was never commited by anyone...I'm
working on recompiling that into 7.1 now and plan on trying it once
it's done.  I'll post the results up here (and to freebsd-net as well
if it works).

I'm really hoping that works...since I really would like to avoid
installing VMWare ESXi on 14 blades just to run 1 VM in each of them
and loose performance.  I'll keep y'all posted.


Brian McCann

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