man quits back to the prompt after CTRL-G

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Wed Oct 14 02:22:21 UTC 2009

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009, Robert Huff wrote:
>Chris Stankevitz writes:
>>  Please try this:
>>  1. at the prompt type "man man" to get the man manual page.
>>  2. press CTRL-G to to to the bottom of the document
>>  3. press k to scroll up one line
>>  You'll notice you cannot perform step 3 because man "quits back
>>  to the prompt after CTRL-G".
>>  Question: How can I make man not "quit back to the prompt after
>>  CTRL-G"?

The -e and -E options to less control this.  You want neither of
these specified if you don't want to have less automatically exit
at end-of-file.  The ``-e'' option causes it to exit the second
time it hits eof while ``-E'' exits the first time.

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