man quits back to the prompt after CTRL-G

illoai at illoai at
Wed Oct 14 01:55:06 UTC 2009

2009/10/13 Chris Stankevitz <chrisstankevitz at>:
> Please try this:
> 1. at the prompt type "man man" to get the man manual page.
> 2. press CTRL-G to to to the bottom of the document
> 3. press k to scroll up one line
> You'll notice you cannot perform step 3 because man "quits back to the prompt after CTRL-G".
> Question: How can I make man not "quit back to the prompt after CTRL-G"?

from man 1 more:
= or ^G or :f
              Prints some information about the file being  viewed,  including
              its  name and the line number and byte offset of the bottom line
              being displayed.  If possible, it also prints the length of  the
              file,  the  number  of  lines in the file and the percent of the
              file above the last displayed line.
so if you mean shift-G, then the default behaviour of more(1) is to exit when
it reaches the end of the file, & (IIRC, obviously YMMV) the default pager is
set to more.


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