Relocating ~/.xsession-errors

Martijn van Buul pino at
Tue Oct 13 09:50:14 UTC 2009


I've recently installed FreeBSD 8.0RC1 on my Acer Aspire One netbook, and so
far things are working out OK. I'm using the SSD model, and since these
netbooks have a notoriously slow SSD write speed, I'm trying to get rid of as
much writes as possible. Furthermore, reducing writes might make it live 

One of the remaining issues is ~/.xsession-errors. I'm using GNOME, and many
GNOME applications have the nasty habit of spamming .xsession-errors with
a lot of debug assertions (which apparently aren't lethal, since noone
ever bothered to fix them..), and I know from experience that this file
can see a lot of activity. I'd like to relocate this file to a tmpfs ramdisk,
if possible. It would be perfect if I could make it log through syslog, since
that would allow me to use newsyslog for logrotation (and thus keep the size 
of the log at bay), but I suspect this is asking too much.

In the past, on Fedora Core and older versions of Ubuntu, I used a dirty
trick I picked up on a webforum: Have ~/.xsession-errors be owned by 
root:wheel, and mark it as system immutable. That caused the .xsession-errors
to be moved to /tmp, which is exactly where I want it to be, but that doesn't
seem to work anymore. Instead, it's writing the error log to
~/.xsession-errors.XXXX, with XXXX a random string. 

Does anyone know an alternate way to move this logfile, or if everything
else fails how to silence it?

Martijn van Buul - pino at 

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