Mountable encrypted file? What to use?

Roland Smith rsmith at
Mon Oct 12 16:20:11 UTC 2009

On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 06:33:40AM -0700, Greg Morell wrote:
> Since TrueCrypt doesn't work on FreeBSD, I'm wondering what you'd recommend for this:
> I like to keep all of my sensitive stuff in a few encrypted mountable files.
> Something where I can copy the file to a USB key for backup, but not worry if I lose the USB key since it's just an encrypted file.  But when on a computer, I can mount it as a volume.
> On OS X, I use encrypted 'dmg' volumes.
> On Linux and Windows, I use TrueCrypt.
> What should I use on FreeBSD?

You should use GELI, see geli(8). It can encrypt complete disks, partitions or
bsdlabels. If you want the encrypted stuff encased in a file, you should use md(4)
to create a vnode-backed memory disk, and encrypt that with GELI.

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