Fetchmail freaks out

herbert langhans herbert.raimund at gmx.net
Mon Oct 12 11:08:31 UTC 2009

Hi Daemons,
there happen strange things when I boot my laptop, FreeBSD 7.2, Fetchmail 6.3.11 (newest). 

Starting fetchmail.
Starting fetchmail.
fetchmail: can't accept options while a background fetchmail is running
.. (Yes, the 'Starting' appears twice)

My /etc/rc.conf contains:

My /usr/local/etc/fetchmailrc contains:
poll MYDOMAINNAME.COM, protocol pop3, no dns
user MYUSERNAME there with password XXXXXX is MYUSERNAME here

My /usr/local/etc/rc.d/fetchmail exists and is the default one from the port-install.

That should be all the files I have. Fetchmail even works, but:

What are these double starting-messages (#ps -ax shows just one fetchmail running)?
What am I doing wrong? How to get rid of it?

herb langhans

sprachtraining langhans
herbert langhans, warschau
herbert dot raimund at gmx dot net
+0048 603 341 441

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