/ almost out of space just after installation

Karl Vogel vogelke+unix at pobox.com
Sat Oct 10 00:24:03 UTC 2009

>> On Thu, 8 Oct 2009 23:39:58 -0700, 
>> Randi Harper <randi at freebsd.org> said:

R> I was thinking that a more acceptable default layout (leaving swap at
R> it's current default size) would be:
R> / = 1GB
R> /var = 2GB
R> /tmp = 2GB

   I usually create something like this:
     / = 200M
     /usr = 8G
     /var = 2G
     /stage = 8G
     /home = everything else

   * Root stays small, so I can have backup root partitions all over
     without feeling guilty about wasting space.

   * /tmp is a limited-size memory disk.

   * /usr and /var are on separate partitions, preferably on different drives
     so I'm not seeking all over creation if /, /usr, and /var are busy.
     Also, filling up /usr/tmp or /var/log will be annoying but not critical.

   * /stage is a staging area, usually for backups to another host.  I put
     it on a different drive than /home, so I don't compete too much with
     my users when, say, doing hourly backups:

     # cd /home
     # find . -newer /last/bkup -depth -print |
         pax -x cpio -wd | bzip2 -c > /stage/bkup.bz2
     # touch /last/bkup
     # su bkup -c 'scp -c arcfour /stage/bkup.bz2 remote:/some/place'

   Could we also have some nicer defaults for /etc/fstab?

     # Device     Mount    FStype     Options                  Dump Pass
     # -----------------------------------------------------------------
     /dev/ad0s1a  /        ufs        rw                          1    1
     devfs        /dev     devfs      rw                          0    0
     fdescfs      /dev/fd  fdescfs    rw                          0    0
     proc         /proc    procfs     rw                          0    0
     md           /tmp     mfs        rw,-s512m                   2    0
     /dev/ad0s1b  none     swap       sw                          0    0
     /dev/ad0s1d  /usr     ufs        rw,noatime,snapshot         2    2
     /dev/ad0s1e  /var     ufs        rw,noatime,snapshot         2    2
     /dev/ad0s1f  /home    ufs        rw,noatime,nosuid,snapshot  2    2
     # CD/DVD:
     #/dev/acd0    /cdrom   cd9660     ro,noauto                   0    0
     # CD/DVD/RW:
     #/dev/cd0     /cdrom   cd9660     ro,noauto                   0    0
     # -----------------------------------------------------------------

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