Security blocking question

Gary Gatten Ggatten at
Fri Oct 9 21:53:48 UTC 2009

I might also add, if it's only a handful that have legitimate access
requirements, maybe black hole all ip's from locations (countries, etc.)
they'll never be in.  We see a lot of bad traffic from well, certain
countries and we simply null route them.  Or if I feel like playing a
bit I'll route them to a tar-pit and honey pot just to see what they do.
Pretty entertaining sometimes! :)

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> Hi,
> The production server that has a public IP address has SSH enabled.
> server is continuously under dictionary attack:
> Oct  8 12:58:40 seven sshd[32248]: Invalid user europa from
> Oct  8 12:58:40 seven sshd[32250]: Invalid user hacked from
> Oct  8 12:58:40 seven sshd[32251]: Invalid user cop\r from
> Oct  8 12:58:41 seven sshd[32254]: Invalid user gel from
> Oct  8 12:58:41 seven sshd[32255]: Invalid user dork from
> Oct  8 12:58:41 seven sshd[32258]: Invalid user eva from
> Oct  8 12:58:41 seven sshd[32260]: Invalid user hacker from
> Oct  8 12:58:41 seven sshd[32261]: Invalid user copila\r from
> Oct  8 12:58:42 seven sshd[32265]: Invalid user dorna from
> Oct  8 12:58:42 seven sshd[32264]: Invalid user gelo from
> Oct  8 12:58:42 seven sshd[32268]: Invalid user evara from
> Oct  8 12:58:43 seven sshd[32270]: Invalid user hack from
> Oct  8 12:58:43 seven sshd[32271]: Invalid user copil\r from
> Oct  8 12:58:43 seven sshd[32274]: Invalid user Doubled from
> Oct  8 12:58:43 seven sshd[32275]: Invalid user gelos from
> Oct  8 12:58:44 seven sshd[32278]: Invalid user eve from
> Is there a way that I could configure the server so that if there are
> example X attempts from an IP address then for the next Y hours all
the SSH
> requests would be ignored from that IP address?
> There are only a handful of people who have access to that server.
> Thanks

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