Capturing netflows

Jay Hall jhall at
Fri Oct 9 17:10:38 UTC 2009

I have run into a need to capture netflows from the internal interface  
of my FreeBSD 6 server.  The internal interface is em0 and the  
external interface is em1.

I am using the following to setup the netflows.

/usr/sbin/ngctl -f- << SEQ
	mkpeer em0: netflow lower iface0
	name: em0: lower netflow
	connect em0: netflow: upper out0
	mkpeer netflow: ksocket export inet/dgram/udp
	msg netflow:export connect inet/

When I run the commands above, I receive the following message.

ngctl: send msg: No such file or directory
ngctl: line 1: error in file

I am at a complete loss here.  My understanding of netgraph is poor at  
best.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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