salvaging hard drive contents

jeffry killen jekillen at
Thu Oct 8 17:15:46 UTC 2009

> Hello;
> I have a hard drive that contains the /var file system in a system that
> will not boot.
> In single user mode I can mount  /var.
> I want to take this disk and put it in another FreeBSD system and
> try to copy the files I need off of it to a safe place.
> The system I will plug it into will also have a separate disk with
> /var.
> Is there going to be a conflict with the labels and how would I
> best go about this?

response to above query-------------------

There will be no conflict.  All the magic as to 'wher to mout what' is 
the /etc/fstab file.  because it doesn't know about the disk you're 
ther won'tbe any conflicts. Simply use the long form of mount(1), to 
"mount devicename mountpoint", and mount it on any convenient location,
say '/mnt'.
Now I have the hard disk I want to recover mounted but please for give 
for being in the learning phase, but how to I cd on to this drive?

I mounted it using the suggested 'mount -r (in this case ad12s1d) /var'
now how do I actually read it?
I tried cd ad12s1d/var and I got the 'file does not exist' response.
If I do
cd /;  ls -la
I do not see an added entry.

Thanks for suggestions, info, etc
Jeff K

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