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Randall Wood zafiro17 at
Thu Oct 8 10:40:02 UTC 2009

Greetings - I've got a new Netbook I'm itching to install FreeBSD on,
and would prefer to avoid hassles by testing out the hardware with a
LiveCD first.  FreeSBIE seemed like an appropriate choice, but the
website is out of commission, and what I read on the web seems to
indicate the project is no longer maintained.  There's the FreeBSD Live
CD project, run by a Brazilian users' group, but it looks more
complicated than I'd prefer.  And I just discovered, through a posting
on the Daemon Forums, the RoFreeSBIE project, run by some Romanians.

Where to start?  I'm aware of the FreeBSD integrated fixit mode, but
that's not what I'm looking for.  I am looking for the FreeBSD
equivalent of Knoppix Linux, which will run a graphical desktop and give
me an idea if FreeBSD can work with my Atom dual core processor, Intel
onboard NIC and Wireless, the dinky little webcam, and so on, even
hardware that I wouldn't be able to identify by name in order to search
the web for info.

Has anybody had good or bad experiences with any of the above methods? 
A search of recent posts from this mailing list turned up precious
little, and the RoFreeSBIE site looks very interesting.  That's probably
where I would start, but like I said, I'm curious to see if anyone on
this list has had experience and would like to make recommendations. 
Otherwise, I'll let you know how it goes!

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