Updating the ports collection

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Tue Oct 6 22:57:24 UTC 2009

Chris Stankevitz wrote:
> The FreeBSD handbook section 4.5.1 describes several methods for
> obtaining the ports collection including CVSup, Portsnap, and sysinstall.
> Section 4.5.1 also describes how to update the ports collection, but
> only for the CVSup and Portsnap methods.
> Q1: How do I update the ports collection after using sysinstall to
> obtain it?

You can use csup as explained in section 4.5.1.  This will update the
Ports Collection  you installed from CD/DVD
by fetching only the required newer files

Or, you can use portsnap too like this:

First time:
portsnap fetch extract

Subsequent times:
portsnap fetch update

If you are starting with an empty Ports tree (for example you skipped
installing it from CD during sysinstall) portsnap will be faster than
csup. (Note you can start with an empty tree and csup as well)

Anytime you decide to switch from csup to portsnap, always perform an
> Q2: Is this explained in the handbook?  If so, where?

In section 4.5 as you noticed already. Portsnap is also revisited in
chapter 24:


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