windoz, how do i install it last

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> So I have a FreeBSD system.
> Is their a way to install windoz?  Say, XP-pro? 
> Or whatever...

From the subject I gather you want to shrink the BSD slice, or have room, then install Windows.

The fact you are asking the question suggests you don't have your work backed up, and won't listen when told to backup your work (takes one to know one). The other possibility is that you want to install BSD now, but Windows later.

<SNIPPED BACK-UP BOOT SECTOR SUGGESTION (decided it was more trouble than it was worth)> 

I any case, you need a way to boot FreeBSD without the bootsector, such as the installation CD.

As I am not familiar with the gory details, I will refer you to Chapter 2 of the Handbook:

If you can't get the Windows Boot manager to boot FreeBSD, you will want to use the FreeBSD boot manager, mentioned in section: 2.6.3 Install a Boot Manager.


James Phillips

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