Voting for a native i386/amd64 flash player

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> So how many different subjects are in here that don't
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> With all due respect: wheres Waldo ?

Most on-topic is probably the licensing issue: I like the GPLv3, but many BSD users don't like it for the same reasons.

I don't want to publish comprehensive details about my (video format) idea until I have the format defined in a forward-compatible way. AS I am fantasy land, I think that people will try implementing incompatible versions as soon as it's published. The risk is that may happen anyway if my format is not "good enough." 

I haven't even done testing to find out how well compression is performed. Second-Worst case (mono white noise), I estimate that loss-less compression will only be able to compress frame changes to ~25% of the original frame size. Lossy compression will be a simple averaging of nearby pixels for (multiples of) ~4:1 compression. Mpeg is supposed to get up to 300:1.

TL;DR: If you have to ask what the point is, it is probably off-topic and I can shut-up now.


James Phillips 

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