Apache20 port on FreeBSD 7.2 does a core dump

Aflatoon Aflatooni aaflatooni at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 3 17:38:47 UTC 2009

> Aflatoon Aflatooni writes:
> > I am getting a lot of core dumps and Apache20 freezing.
> > I have installed the porting using the following make:
> >
> > make WITHOUT_MODULES="ssl status speling imap auth_dbm auth_digest dav dav_fs 
> cern_meta cgi include" install
> >
> > any suggestions as to how I might find out what is causing the problem and the 
> core dumps.
> The first thing I'd try is re-including the excluded modules.
> If you no longer get the crashes, you can start narrowing in on which
> one is involved.  If you still get the crashes, you'll have to start
> looking at the core files.
> I'm assuming you're not used to using a debugger on a core file, 
> on the theory that you would have done that already if you were
> comfortable with it.

I originally had them included and I was getting the core dumps, but I removed them because I don't need them and I am still getting the core dumps.

This is a production box and it would be hard to have debugger turned on.
I don't know if it would be helpful, but PHP is also really slow on this machine. I know that PHP would cause a dump in the php.core file and not apache.core.

How do I inspect the core file to find out which module caused it?



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